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Title: Where Does the Good Go
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Played: 8239 times


where does the good go // tegan and sara

where do you go with your broken heart in tow?
what do you do with the leftover you?
and how do you know when to let go?
where does the good go, where does the good go?


and a little love and a bath


Liking people is stupid all you end up doing is ruining songs you really liked beforehand

"You said that you were going back into the studio making new music. Have your recent experiences in love and life and work kinda help you make great new music?



I think about this constantly 

honestly the most amazing 30 seconds of my life

Title: Talking Body
Artist: Tove Lo
Played: 5710 times


listening to in the zone on shuffle like


The Intimate Britney Spears Collection Launch In Poland, Sept 24th